Design Project 1 | Domain / Area of Opportunity

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Project 1 - Domain / Area of Opportunity

Please describe a domain or an area of opportunity that you’d like to use as the focus for the design of a PRODUCT, SERVICE, or BUILT FEATURE that supports or promotes sustainable behaviors and practices for INDIVIDUALS in day-to-day use.

For this first design project, focus your thinking on:

  • a PRODUCT --  something physical that can be manufactured, distributed, purchased, and potentially held in your hand or carried with you.
  • a SERVICE or APPLICATION --  something that you can order, subscribe to, or use (in-person or online) -- that will support and promote the sustainability and resilience goals of your potential users.
  • a SPACE, PLACE, or BUILDING FEATURE — that supports or promotes sustainability in the day-to-day activities of individual users.

Please share your initial thoughts in a few paragraphs below…

The domain that I’d like to focus on is

A domain that I am interested in is waste in the marketing industry/schools and the lack of reaching out to the target audience. My aim is to both increase efficiency as well as effectiveness in a more sustainable way.

This area is important/interesting to me because….

I have been hearing many quotes such as “when did that event happen?”, “oww when and where?”, “I missed it”, “no one told me so I was unaware”... Even though the announcements of events are starting a way before the event is being held, still there are a huge amount of people who are not aware of it. Events are nothing without its participants and if they cannot reach their target audience they feel themselves unsuccessful, as on the other hand, if we as participants was not heard from our friends or seen the same thing many times, unfortunately if is not engraved in our minds we are missing them and being upset when we see their photos. So I have started brainstorming about how to bring the organizers and participants together since I am in high school when I realized that one is reading daily announcements, all of us are being lost between million of emails that we received each day and flier culture is about the die as it is not effective anymore but also more like wasting of time and paper and a far from the sustainable thinking.