1. Team Mini Proposal

1. Team Mini Proposal

Journal Entry For
Project 3 - Mini Proposal

Old version draft

  • What is the problem you’ve defined?
    • Who, What, Why, Where, and When? — POV statement
    • Who: young couple
    • What: an apartment
    • Why: resolving couple problems and catering living for young people
      • Dense city have low birth rates
      • before young couples can raise a family, they need to learn on how to live with their partners
    • Where: Dense City Population
    • What is the focus of your design thinking?
    • Creativity, Sustainability, Feasibility, and Couple - centric
  • Synthesize a SINGLE, UNIFIED vision
    • A home for young couples to co-live & be ready for a parenthood
  • Share your initial vision through some preliminary sketches (annotated graphics)
    • Where will it be located? High rises in a city center, Singapore
    • What will the form be? Apartment
    • What are the key features you’ll be exploring?
    • Initial Vision [TODO: NEED TO CLEAN UP]
      • Finance
      • Food
      • Transport
      • Sleep Temperature
        • One is cold, the other is hot
        • How might we make both sleep comfortably
      • First Aid / Medicine
      • Cleaning
      • Food Dining areas
        • Every time, guy ask gf, what do you want to eat? I don’t know, brush!!!
        • Food Printing???
        • Dark Kitchen
      • Own Private Spaces??
        • Acoustic panel
      • Transport
        • Struggle??
        • Community Carpool??
      • Exterior Space
        • Balcony ( where most suns come from??
          • Solar Vertical Farms?


      • AI


      • AI managing your clothes


      • Forgetting pass/ loss lock


      • 10G


      • Smart Robot cooking

      Smart lights

      Resting area

      Gym in basement


      • Mixed floor
      • More than 1 house

      Young couples don’t cook food

      Young couples don’t move alot

      Young couple struggle to find leasing,

      Garden Space

      young couple need work space

      solar powered


      • bed area
      • queen bed
      • bunk bed

      Young couples want a good view


      • Induction Cooking
      • Hardwood floor, easier to clean

      • min car usage
        • E.V
      • Water recycling
      • laundry,
        • shared laundry

      Robotic Kitchen

      Swimming pool in the roof

      • Hydro-electric

      Gym - kinetic energy

      AI Washing machine

      • Washer and dryer

      Led lighting

      Plants ontop of the roof

      big windows

      empty spaces

      • So home can feel big
      • and no caustrophic

      Shared Cinema

      Party Space


A home for young couples to co-live and prepare for parenthood in a sustainable, creative, and couple-centric environment, fostering connection and growth.

Who: Young Couples

What: in Apartments / Flat Rising Buildings

Where: In urban dense city population

  • Examples: High-rises in a city center, like Singapore, New York, Hong Kong where housing is more packed and dense

Why: In 2050, Young couples in dense city population have little to no birth rates

Vision: we envision to create a home for young couples in dense city populations where they suffer from low birth, preparing them for parenthood

while addressing their unique challenges and needs.

Design Thinking Focus: The focus of our design thinking is on creativity, sustainability, feasibility, and being couple-centric.

Initial Draft thoughts:

  1. Shared Flat Spaces
    1. More than just couples living
    2. Apartments include Convince Mart for accesibility
    3. Community nursery, everyone volunteers once a week, a place to send your kid if you need time alone
  2. Finance & Food:
    • Incorporate cost-effective solutions and communal dining areas to address financial concerns.
    • Integrate smart kitchen technology for easy and efficient cooking.
  3. Transport & Community Carpool:
    • Provide solutions for transportation challenges, including a community carpool system.
    • Support eco-friendly transport options such as EVs.
  4. Sleep Comfort:
    • Develop temperature-controlled sleeping solutions to cater to individual preferences.
    • Use AI for personalized sleep environments.
  5. Private Spaces:
    • Utilize acoustic panels to create private, quiet spaces within the apartments.
    • Implement AI-managed wardrobes for efficient storage.
  6. Exterior Space & Solar Power:
    • Design balconies with solar vertical farms, allowing for outdoor space and renewable energy generation.
  7. Bathroom & AI:
    • Integrate AI-driven bathroom fixtures for water efficiency and personalized experiences.
  8. Security & Networking:
    • Explore smart security systems and advanced networking solutions for seamless connectivity.
  9. Work & Relaxation Spaces:
    • Design ergonomic workspaces within the apartments to accommodate remote work.
    • Provide designated relaxation areas for unwinding.
  10. Sustainability & Energy:
    • Incorporate solar power, hydro-electric systems, and kinetic energy from the gym to reduce energy consumption.
  11. Communal Amenities:
    • Create shared spaces like a swimming pool on the roof, a gym generating kinetic energy, and a shared cinema.
  12. Multi-Functional Living Area: Incorporate convertible furniture, like foldable beds and tables, to optimize space.
  13. Smart Kitchen: Utilize robotic cooking technology and induction cooking for efficiency.
  14. Environmentally Friendly Features: Hardwood flooring, LED lighting, and water recycling systems for sustainability.
  15. Nature Integration: Implement plants on rooftops and large windows for natural light and greenery.
  16. Shared Laundry: Offer shared laundry facilities to minimize space usage within individual apartments.
  17. View & Open Space: Ensure apartments have large windows to provide a sense of spaciousness and beautiful views.
  18. Entertainment & Gathering Spaces: Include shared amenities such as a cinema and party area to encourage social interaction.

Resources on problem: