Team Meeting #1

Journal Entry For


  • Team Introduction
  • Team Division
    • We need members to help with the design/visualising aspect
      • Designing zoom in
      • Designing Zoom out
    • Members to focus on interview + questions
    • Members to work on
  • We decide on the timeline of what needs to be done
  • Timeline
    • Need to get INTERVIEW by Friday/Sat
    • CCP, POV/How might we by Saturday
    • MVP by Sunday
    • Get Feedback/Testing on Monday
  • Discuss Poster design

What are the essentials we need to address for the interior of the couple space:

Zoom In

  • Sleeping
    • Develop temperature-controlled sleeping solutions to cater to individual preferences.
    • Use AI for personalized sleep environments.
  • Bathing
    • Integrate AI-driven bathroom fixtures for water efficiency and personalized experiences.
  • Cooking / Eating
    • Integrate smart kitchen technology for easy and efficient cooking.
    • Smart Compost Disposal with single-shared smart chute bins among residences
    • Smart Kitchen: Utilize robotic cooking technology and induction cooking for efficiency.
  • Working
    • Design ergonomic workspaces within the apartments to accommodate remote work.
  • Relaxing / Entertaining
    • Provide designated relaxation areas for unwinding.
    • Space large enough to invite others into house ( grandparents )??
  • Exterior space (don’t count toward 500 SF)
    • Design balconies with solar vertical farms, allowing for outdoor space and renewable energy generation.

Zoom Out

  • Shard Flat Apartments
    • More than just couples living
    • Apartments include Convince Mart for accessibility
      • Convenience mart ( vending machine style )
      • Grocery Delivery
    • Create shared spaces like a swimming pool on the roof, a gym generating kinetic energy, and a shared cinema.
    • Nature Integration: Implement plants on rooftops and large windows for natural light and greenery.
    • Shared Laundry: Offer shared laundry facilities to minimize space usage within individual apartments.
  • Transport
    • Provide solutions for transportation challenges, including a community carpool system.
    • Support eco-friendly transport options such as EVs.

Young Couples preparing for a child

couples who recently give birth to a child ( 0 - 4 years )

3 features

  1. Smarter Home
    1. Transforming home ( home can switch to child-rearing, work, open-space )
  2. Parenthood Education ( AR/VR, childcare support)
  3. Community (playtime social for couples)

Goal for Friday Meeting 11 Aug, 8pm:

  • Every get at least 1-2 interviews
    • From interviews: craft your own CCP / POV
      • an alternative, we meet up and share our findings, and craft our CCP / POV together
  • Work on How might we…
    • Important for poster
  • Discuss poster ‘blueprint’
  • Allocate who does what
  • Next steps afterwards

FamilyCatalyst Residences:

  • watering the seeds of tomorrow

Concise Features

Goal: offset the mental burden couples have in the busy, career-oriented work in dense city areas

Example: Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul,

  1. Home former
    1. Your rooms is able to switch modes; Family, Work, Community??
    2. changing living environment
    3. Using Smart collapsible panels, we can switch your rooms look and feel based on your needs
      1. Sound-Absorbing Art Panels
  2. Parenthood education
    1. For couples prepping/about to have their 1st child; have a virtual baby in house with AR technology
      1. Practical exercise
      2. crying baby
  3. Community
    1. Apartment included a daycare center for parents
    2. Social time between couples to learn from each other
    3. Shared car/buspool

HealthSpaces ( peditriacine, obgyn to check on pregnent, shared community)

Young families


Safety / Security

Assisted living spaces

  • Co-hoarded living
  • in community, part of larger community, all about young kids
  • For older age, different version, know your community
  • what happens, when you don’t need the space anymore?
    • Sub-community
  • homes for teen