Design Project 1 | Prototype Work In Progress

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Project 1 - Prototyping Plan

What Am I Trying to Build?

My area of focus is water conservation and repurposing. I’m trying to build a home water system in which water from your sewage pipe can be run through a water wheel to generate electricity for your house and can then be run through a reverse osmosis system to generate clean water for your taps and sinks. The water wasted from the reverse osmosis system can then be transported to plants in the backyard with a drip irrigation system.

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    • Pipelines are made from biodegradable polymers to be eco friendly
    • Micro hydropower for the waterwheel/water turbine located inside the pipeline
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    • Reverse Osmosis Layout - DIY costs < $175
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    • To convert water power to voltage
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    • Drip Irrigation System
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