Design Project 2 | Competitive Analysis

Design Project 2 | Competitive Analysis

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Competitive Analysis

Main Competitors

Upsyk main competitors are the Green Parks that have interesting and innovative features such as Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. Other competitors are Workshops centres and Community centres. Upsyk strives to be different by combining exciting activities and a thoughtful design to enable the creation of meaningful connections between the community.

Why is Upsyk better than Parks?

By being more engaging, educative, offering unique activities. These features are sought after by those who pursue recreational agendas at a specific time of the week. Upsyk is about entertainment allied with nature and the community.

Why is Upsyk better than Workshops Centres?

At Upsyk the activities are design to enable more interaction. For instance, before the workshop people have to embark in a treasure hunt to get the necessary materials. This brings motivation and fosters creativity even before the workshop.

To communicate the importance of up-cycling people will first see an exhibition about how it can help reduce carbon emissions and tackle climate change. All to make sure everyone does their best at creating impactful designs in the workshop

Why is Upsyk better than Community Centres?

Upsyk is about excitement. This space brings people from all ages and walks of life. Our mission is for Upsyk to be an impactful community unifier. Firstly, the design invites people from the outside to the inside and takes the shape of a circle- all to make everyone's path cross at some point. The outside pool and theatre are powerful places for connection and expression of the community.