Module 6 - Planning Notes

Questions for Teaching Team

  1. Flat terrain or topographic? Might be easier to just make it flat for this exercise. - the sites I set up seem to work fine for analysis and then to bring into revit.
  2. Should I only keep the surrounding buildings directly around the site in a certain radius?
    1. Might be better to just include buildings directly around the site since it might make loading into Revit a bit easier.
  3. I would imagine we will need to download the Forma Plugin on all of the Y2E2 184 computers?

Potential Pitfalls

  1. Some analyses might not run for some people - at least 2 of them should work though
  2. Topography workflow might not be best - I picked relatively flat sites though to make less complicated.
  3. Might need to pick sites with a relatively smaller area depending on Design Brief Size Reqs? - I think the sites I have now though should be fine
  4. Can’t duplicate projects easily, so many students will have to be working within one project and have multiple proposals.

Proposed Actions to Finish Module for Posting

Make each site context small and contained so that there are only buildings directly (or semi-directly) around the proposed building area
Potentially recreate many different projects for people to hop into?
Invite every student as a collaborator to the Forma Hub
Finish Editing assignment brief below