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1. Brief overview

This tool is mainly designed for the construction industry and supporting the analysis on the matters of labor productivity.

By looking at the data from the completed project with similar nature, the required numbers of labor per day can then be estimated for different purposes as needed.

2. Catchy Name

As the goal of this tool is to calculate the numbers of worker required to complete the work, I adopted “Labor Force Calculator” as the name of the tool to keep it simple and easy to understand by most of the users.

3. Teaser Image


Referring to the image above, left hand side is the normal Revit environment representing the design of building structure and the other side is the Dynamo Player of the tool to be used by users.

The process begins by entering the historical production rate as concerned; Then, select the model element from the design; The final step is to check the result of gross floor area and the required number of labor.

For the example as shown in the above image, element 371093 is selected for the tool; 50 is the historical production rate; 1500 is the working days. After entering the above inputs to the dynamo player, the estimated 20 numbers of labor per day with the gross floor area could be returned.

4. Recorded video demo