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Module 3 - Give Me Shelter
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My idea was to create a curved covered walkway with a ridge line that followed a sinusoidal wave. For simplicity, I decided to have my walkway follow a quarter circle curve, allowing me to define the curves based on scalable radius values.

To begin, I defined three reference curves that would act to be my inner, outer, and ridge line curves designed based on their given radi. With these radi, we are able to adjust the size of the walkway, its width, and even the relative location of the ridge (moving it closer or further from the inner radius). For the ridge and outer curve, I also provided a way to modify the height of these curves, allowing for the walkway to be completely closed (outer height = 0) or slightly elevated as shown in the images above.

Once these reference, lines were created, the ridge line was modified to follow a sin wave based on curve subdivision, amplitude, and number of waves. Once these height values were modified, a lofted surface was created from our three reference curves.

From this surface, I subdivded the surface to create quad points that would be used to added in adaptive panels. The supporting ribs of the surface were defined using adaptive tubes placed at each of the subdivided groups of points for each curve. The radius of the adaptive tubes can also be modified.