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This design sought to take a traditional building and deconstruct it, separating the layers and re-stacking them in new and interesting ways that provides new order and opportunity. Their placement in relation to one another creates a new whole- the central courtyard- in which student life and interaction can flourish. These layers of building were stacked in such a way that the roof tops became new floor space upon which students can enjoy the generally sunny and 75 weather of Dancing Tree university. Hexagonal shapes were interspersed within the otherwise regular rectangles, providing spaces for unique open space uses such as a first floor common room, maker spaces, and student gallery. The design features many curtain walls to let in light throughout the building. Note that many curtain walls are intended to contain window panels, my computer was simply not allowing me to load in those families.

If I had more time, I would have added windows to areas where I had forgotten to add them (e.g. First floor east side) and done some more facade testing to really create that sense of difference between the old and the new construction. I also did not count the outdoor space in the 25,000 ft^2 count as they were unable to be bounded as "rooms". Not sure if that is allowed