Module 5

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Ana Ximena Sosa
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Module 5 - Points to Ponder
Please share your comments on 2 of the following Points to Ponder questions. (Choose 2 of the questions below.)

What are the principal advantages of using a single building information model of the existing conditions as the foundation for modeling proposed additions or renovations?

  • It is important to keep the original building in the same design model because it allows for comparison and context during the new addition design. It's essential to keep in mind how the new design will fit in to the existing structure. This is because we need to account for necessary demolitions, be aware of the space availability, and also keep in mind how the new design aesthetically fits the old design. Additionally, having both in the same file allows for phase tracking which helps in scheduling and planning.

In your project, which features of the proposed design did you choose to model as design alternatives?

  • For the design alternatives, I chose to model the roof of the level 3 and the patio area differently. First, I chose the roof because I find it difficult to find a balance between innovating a design, but still adhere to the previous style. The roof options is one following the same material and colors of the existing building, and the other following a new metallic style that also follows the outline of the front of the building and the concrete slab on the patio area. For the second option in design, I chose to ponder between two different concrete slab shapes and patio furniture styles. One follows a more modern style with irregular shapes, while the other follows the organic arch that is seen in many elements of the existing building. As for furniture, I decided it would be good to have two options since collaboration is a big aspect of the design, and by them being displayed in the front, they are a focal point, so options are beneficial.