Ye Zheng

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Module 4 - Rise or Shine
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Ye (Kalina)
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This design features a wave-like shape of shelter with a theme of flowing starry night. This work takes the shelter model from the last module. To create this beautiful sets of color on the surface, the painting of Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh is introduced. The image pixel is defined by the pre-created panels. In addition, adding a transpose list enables the picture cast on the shelter to be able to flip, as shown on the above two pictures. The first picture shows more color from the .cypress trees, while the second one display more from the shining stars. A set of reverse-transpose notes was also added to allow the picture to flip vertically, horizontally or both.

The height of the panels can also be set based on the color difference. And the height can be flipped by adding a binary control code block. There is an issue for my Dynamo to recognize the “Height” parameter, which is subjected to further modification in the future.