Design Project 2 | POV Statements

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Project 2 - POV Statements

Point of View Statements

Point of View Statement 1: Theo

Students need to be able to attend school in environments that promote natural light and connecting with nature because this will help with the quality of life and hopefully lead to enhanced focus and more pleasant experiences while learning.

Point of View Statement 2: Thomas

Students need to be able to attend a school with a focus on emotional versus rigor-based learning and a minimal tuition fee because the existing trend that makes good higher education expensive and otherwise inaccessible prevents most people from finding and harnessing their skill set.

Point of View Statement 3: Harvey

Students and Faculty need to have basic minimum facilities like healthy food, convenient transportation, and the comfort of living in residences because the university campuses are really good but have been outdated by old technology, which is making the students kind of struggle with their daily activities. By providing an environment that supports their needs and promotes a healthy lifestyle, universities can help students and faculty thrive academically and personally. Additionally, it can also attract more students and faculty, leading to a positive impact on the reputation and growth of the university.

Point of View Statement 4: Hisham

Students need support with things like food, transportation, and involvement in schools, as well as an atmosphere with natural light and a lot of nature. We are trying to create an experience that will assist students academically and personally while also assisting in the creation of a different society by generating a better sense of well-being through the use of technology and research.

Selected Point of View Statement

You’ll select the Point of View statement that you’ll carry forward to inspire and guide your design work after our next class meeting on Monday, July 3.


Students need more personal study spaces and comfortable/inviting environments at school because this can promote the social exchange of ideas and improve student and professor mental health (behavioral element).