Lesson Roadmap

In this unit, students will learn many basic techniques for creating building information models by exploring:

Lesson 1:  Modeling Building Elements

  • Modeling exterior and interior walls
  • Adding doors and windows
  • Creating floors and roofs

Lesson 2:  Building Envelope

  • Modeling wall types and design features
  • Creating new wall types and editing their structure
  • Working with doors, windows, and wall openings
  •  Creating roofs with different shapes and slopes

Lesson 3:  Curtain Systems

  • Designing curtain grid patterns
  • Adjusting grids and mullions
  • Creating and using curtain panels types
  • Placing doors in curtain systems

Lesson 4:  Interiors and Circulation

  • Creating stairs and ramps
  • Customizing stair shapes
  • Creating floor openings
  • Modeling elevators

Lesson 5:  Fixtures, Fittings, and Furniture

  • Modeling in-place, project-specific components
  • Adapting components to fit your needs
  • Creating new parametric component families

Lesson 6:  Views and Visualizations

  • Creating plan views and setting view properties
  • Creating elevation and section views
  • Creating 3D views
  • Adjust the appearance of elements in a view

Lesson 7:  Materials, Lighting, and Rendering

  • Assigning materials to model elements
  • Changing material display and render appearance
  • Creating exterior rendered views
  • Creating interior and nighttime rendered views

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