Design Options

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Using Option Sets to Compare Building Envelope Design Alternatives

What building features would typically be changed as building envelope alternatives are explored?

Some building features that could be explored through design alternatives include wall layout and materials, window placement and glazing choices, roof form and materials, as well as the design of terraces, exterior spaces, and entries.

How are elements that have been added to the options sets different from the main model?

As elements are added to option sets, copies of the elements are made in each of the chosen design options. This cloning allows you to make changes to the copied elements in each option independently. For example, changes made to the copied elements in Option 1 do not affect the copied elements in Option 2. By contrast, any changes to elements in the main model appear in all of the design options.

How is the primary option different from the other design options?

The primary option is the one option that is displayed in views by default (unless a specific option is selected in the visibility graphics overrides for a view). This is often confusing for users, so it is typically better to create separate views and assign the design option specified in each explicitly.

The other key difference is that the primary option can be accepted as the choice for an option set and other options will be discarded. Before an option can be accepted, it must be made primary.

Using Option Sets to Compare Interior and Room Design Alternatives

Can hosted elements (for example, windows and doors) be added to a design option?

In order to add hosted elements to a design option, the hosting element (for example, the wall) must also be added to the design option.

When design options are used, which elements appear in room, door, and window schedules?

Schedules are like any other view and display the elements determined by the view settings. If a design option is specified in the visibility\/graphics overrides, the elements in that option will be displayed in the schedule. Otherwise, the elements in the primary option for the option set are displayed.