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Exercise 4.2.3: Modeling Wood Columns, Beams, and Floors

In this exercise, students will learn how to:

  • Choose, place, and align wood columns relative to other model elements.
  • Specify the wood beam types and place them in plan views and with 3D snapping.
  • Create beam systems of regularly spaced beams and joists.
  • Specify the structure and materials for wood structural floors and place identical instances at many levels at once.
Figure 4.2.5 - Copying wood structural elements to a similar position on another level

Video Tutorial

Student Exercise

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  • Place 6 x 6 (0.15 m x 0.15 m) wood columns at the grid intersections on the right side of level 2 (along grids C and D) and align edge columns to the outer boundary of the floor slab.
  • Place5 x 22 (0.13 m x 0.57 m) Glulam beams of southern pine along grids C and D to support the floor level above. Use an offset -0.75" (-19 mm) to place these beams below the plywood subfloor at Level 2.
  • Create a beam system of 16" (0.40 m) TJL wood open web joists to span between the beams at grids C and D. Use an offset of -0.75" (-19 mm) to also place these joists below the plywood subfloor. The joists should be center justified and spaced at a fixed distance of 2’ (0.61 m).
  • Create a similar beam system using 14" (0.36 m) TJL wood open web joists to span between the beams at grids B and C.
  • Copy the wood structural elements that you created in this exercise to similar locations on levels 3 and 4.
  • Select the floor at level 4 and change it to the plywood floor type.


Figure 4.2.6 -  Sketching the boundary for a beam system of open web joists

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