Coordination and Interference Checking

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Checking for Interference Between Model Elements

What happens when you reject a change? Are the users of the linked models automatically notified? How can these changes get resolved?

If you reject a change, the originator of that change will be notified that the change was rejected during their next coordination review to the model. At this point, team members must communicate and agree upon the best resolution.

What strategies could you use for resolving elements that were copied into a linked model and changed there? Should you always delete these elements in your host model?

When copied elements have been changed, you must decide whether to retain ownership and control of those elements or, instead, to cede them to the team member who made the change. If you do the latter, you should delete or hide the original element in your host model and use the changed element from the linked model.

How can you share a coordination review report with others (or save it for your records)?

Coordination reviews can be saved as HTML reports and shared with other team members or archived.

Coordinating and Reviewing Model Changes

What are the advantages and disadvantages of comparing all elements in two models versus narrowing the scope of the check to compare fewer elements?

Running interference checks upon all the elements in two models typically detects more collisions than are practical to manage. For this reason, it is better practice to narrow the scope and compare fewer elements in each interference check.

What is the most efficient way to highlight the conflicting elements and make changes to them to resolve the interference?

From the interference report results, you can select an element and choose \u201cShow\u201d to highlight the element in the drawing area. 

How can you update an interference report to remove issues that have already been resolved?

You can refresh the interference report to update the list of issues and filter out any issues that have already been resolved.