Model Integration and Management

BIM for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Curriculum

Key Terms

The following key terms were used in this lesson:

Selection Tree

The hierarchy of the files users have opened and appended into the current scene and the model elements in each of these files. This hierarchy reflects the structure of the data created by the original design application.


Viewpoints are saved camera positions and view settings that allow model reviewers to capture and easily return to specific views of the model. Viewpoints can also store information that facilitates design review audit trails and setting up model animations.


A mode of view displaying all the points of a model being projected parallel to the screen, and thus making it easier to work with a model due to all the edges of the model appearing as the same size, regardless of the distance from the camera.


The mode of view as we see things in the real world, where with increasing distance objects recede.

Selection Set

Selection sets are static groups of items used for saving a group of objects that you want to regularly perform some action on. They simply store a group of items for later retrieval, and do not dynamically update as the model changes.

Search Set

Search sets are dynamic groups of items selected by specifying search criteria. They are used in ways similar to selection sets, but the search criteria can rerun at a later date to update the search set when the model changes.