Presenting the Project Model

BIM for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Curriculum


Using Model Images to Enhance Communication

Are there ways to define rules that map materials from a predefined palette to search sets to create quick renderings?

Use a predefined palette of materials that have been taken from the default library and renamed to correspond with the search sets added earlier.<\/p>\nYou can create a predefined list of generic search sets and corresponding textures. Then you can reuse these on similar projects, which will save an enormous amount of time.

What file formats retain their material rendering properties from their source software when they are imported into Autodesk Navisworks software?

NWC files exported from Autodesk Revit products.

Creating Animations

What types of motions can be illustrated using object animations?

The list is open-ended. Popular examples include: opening and closing doors; raising or lowering elevator cars or crane loads; rotating crane booms; moving heavy equipment around on site; moving vehicles, boats, and mechanical equipment.

How does including animation enhance the effectiveness of a walk-through movie?

Adding motion to the objects that appear in a walk-through movie increases the realism and believability of the process being illustrated. Static objects create a barrier that makes the movie less believable and, thus, less effective at communicating your point. Motion helps to create a truly immersive experience that reinforces the apparent validity of the movie. 

What methods can be used to trigger an animation?

Animations can be triggered by specific frames in a walk-through movie or by passing through hotspots as a user navigates in a model.