Presenting the Project Model

BIM for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Curriculum

Key Terms

The following key terms were used in this lesson:


The ratio of the total amount of radiation or light reflected by a surface to the total amount of radiation incident on the surface.


A measure of the ability of a material to transmit light so that objects or images can be seen as if there were no intervening material.

Rich Photorealistic Content (RPC)

A content format that uses photo image data to create realistic images of objects (for example, people, furniture, plants, and vehicles) that can be added to models to enhance renderings.

Walk Mode

A navigation mode that enables you to walk through the model on a horizontal plane, always maintaining the up direction.

Fly Mode

A navigation model that enables you to fly around the model like in a flight simulator, without respecting the up direction.

Frame per Second

A measurement of how many animation frames are played during each second of a finished movie. This measurement determines the smoothness of the animation in the video.