Updating Revit Model Versions on A360

Controlling the Versions Available thru the A360 Website

A360 offers two ways of viewing your cloud-hosted Revit models -- thru the Revit application as well as thru the A360 website -- and this can create confusion about which version is being displayed:

  • When you open your cloud-hosted model thru the File>Open menu choice in the Revit application, it will always the latest version.
  • But when you open your model or download it from the A360 website, the last "published" version is displayed.

Read onward for details of how to control the version published on the A360 website and choose the views of model available on the website.


You can publish the latest version of your Revit model to the A360 website interface and choose which views will be available thru the web using two tools that appear in the Collaborate tab in the Revit application.

screenshot 1293

 Manage A360 Models

Using the Manage A360 Models tool, you can:

Publish the latest version of your cloud-based model to the A360 website (in addition to being available within the Revit application).  This is useful for allowing collaborators to view your latest model thru a web browser or download the latest model to their computers.

screenshot 1294

You can also view the Version history.

screenshot 1295

Or, revert to an ealier version.

screenshot 1296

Views for A360

The Views for A360 tool enables you to select  the views that will available thru the A360 website interface.

screenshot 1297

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