Jiahui Qiu - Module 3


Final Geometry



I got inspiration from Zaha Hadid Architects’ works in Beijing Daxing International Airport. It not only provides shelter to the interior, but also brings the lightness and elegance in an architectural sense. The biggest challenges for this task is to solve the corresponding issues with the incorporation of large opening.


Main approach


  • Main geometry is determined by three blue circles on the left pics (heights and radius can be adjusted).
  • In order to form the structure, four kinds of adaptive components have been used:
    • 3pt ribs as main vertical components.
    • 2pt head-toe connected tube to support the large opening.
    • Two kinds of panel has been used for the main surfaces. Triangle-shape panels are more feasible in the area around the opening.
  • The surface with opening is split by a control cylinder. Unlike the traditional way to control the dynamic geometry of curves or lines, this project introduce a cylinder (radius and location can be modified) to control the opening shape, like elliptical curves in 3d field. (My thoughts for Step 5)

Main steps & Challenges in dynamo programming

  1. Create the main geometry
  1. Panel Division

The most challenging part is the panel division. Simple using the Panel.PanelQuad is not enough for the surface trimmed with opening, it will eventually cover the whole surface. I didn’t find a good way to mesh the surface. I think maybe owe to the topographical properties of my surface. Therefore, I explore a new way to do that: mesh the surface first, and then using the cylinder to separate different groups of points(for panel) and sliced curve (for vertical ribs).

  1. Vertical Ribs

After getting trimmed curve, we can set three points to generate the vertical columns/ribs.

  1. Adaptive Panels

Adaptive Panels are realized by identify the number of points of groups (initially four) and filtering them to group 3 and group 4. Some drawbacks of dynamo I found when realizing this in scripts: 1. they only have intersection, actually I want the complementary set. 2. It is a complicated approach. I need to count the number in such subset and get the index. Finally, i can get the filtered points set.

  1. 2pt supports around the opening.

Identify the curve and use the head-toe methods to create element.

Dynamic Parameters

All dynamic parameters are set with number sliders and they are listed below:

  • Bottom Radius
  • Middle circle radius ratio and height
  • Top circle radius ratio and height
  • Cylinder sizes (coordinates location & radius ratio)
  • Number of vertical ribs & 2pts supports around the opening.
  • Mesh U & V numbers
  • Opening sizes of 4pts resizable panels.