Jiahui Qiu - Module 5

Two Design Forms:


Details of new building form:

  1. Design Inspiration:
  2. I want to generate a building form with Clover cross-section, the concatenation of three circles. Based on twisting template in our shared library, it can be easily obtained by changing the profile for top, mid and base section.

  1. Profile Design:
  2. I mainly set outer circle’s radius as the changing paramters. Two highlights for the profile design: 1) Using reference line for overall geometry and model line for needed shape. 2) More constraints required for the model in order to control the shape and not be deformed when variable changing.


Dynamo Workspace


The workflow is pretty clear:

  • Two parameters: Top rotation and mid height has been set to flex. (Normally, the totally building is set, and i want to keep the volume not to be very differently) The parameters are shared with two building forms.
  • Gross floor area, Gross surface area, and Gross volume : a slightly modification to the custom node. Add additional input for and combine together.
  • image
  • I create a row for the title; therefore, we can more easily read the excel table.

Excel Result:

Part I :


Part II:


Variation for the results of Part II: