Nicholas Hughan

Good afternoon everyone. I am a first-year graduate student pursuing a Master's in Sustainable Design and Construction in the Management track. I grew up around Camarillo, CA. (halfway between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles), and finished my undergrad in Civil Engineering at the University of Southern California in 2019. Between USC and Stanford, I was a Project Engineer at Oltmans Construction building Amazon warehouses (it's Amazon’s world, we just live in it). I am shifting my career focus from construction management to real estate development, which is one of the many reasons I applied to the SDC program.

I enjoy reading biographies and finance, listening to classic rock, bicycling, kayaking, trying local craft breweries, traveling and exploring California. Last summer, I toured Spain and was surprised how much the country side environment looks like California, just with metric road signs. I love dogs and have included a picture of my dog, Russell.


Learning Goals for CEE220C:

  • To branch outside of the Construction Management perspective and learn a Costco sample of the designer’s perspective and thought process when creating plans.
  • To learn if Revit can be used for estimating/quantity take offs for materials. If I remember right from a Revit class in 2014, Revit could provide quantity take offs for materials (concrete, wood, etc) and finishes (windows, doors, etc).
  • Understand how the parametric design tools/scripting process modeling is used to communicate across different teams and facilitate project delivery.
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