Phuong Quan Trinh - Module 8 - Part 1

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Module 8 - Make Your Pitch

Intended Users

The Cooling Tower Generator is specifically designed for architects, engineers, and construction professionals involved in the development of cooling towers. This advanced tool caters to their unique needs and requirements, revolutionizing the way cooling towers are designed and constructed.

Need for an Innovative Solution

In the field of cooling tower design, there is a clear gap in the market for a comprehensive and efficient tool like the Cooling Tower Generator. Architects, engineers, and construction professionals require a reliable and user-friendly tool that streamlines the design process, optimizes energy efficiency, and incorporates sustainability features. By providing such a solution, we aim to empower professionals to create cooling tower designs that meet specific project requirements and enhance overall efficiency.

Inputs and Intelligent Design Adjustments

The Cooling Tower Generator offers enhanced input parameters, allowing users to have precise control and flexibility during the design process. They can adjust the site width and length within specific ranges, enabling customized cooling tower dimensions that align with project needs. The tool also incorporates intelligent design adjustments, where changes in the base radius automatically influence the middle and top radii, ensuring structural integrity while meeting design specifications.

Dynamic Building Height Control and Cost Considerations

To optimize proportions and maximize space utilization, the Cooling Tower Generator dynamically adjusts the building height based on the selected site width. This feature allows users to accurately visualize and customize the cooling tower's dimensions. Additionally, recognizing the variations in construction costs across different locations, the tool allows users to specify the construction cost per square foot for the tower and control room. This ensures accurate estimates for financial planning, considering local cost factors.

Outputs and Enhanced Visualization

The Cooling Tower Generator provides valuable output parameters and enhanced visualization capabilities. It determines the optimal number of panels required for the cooling tower's structure, ensuring stability, strength, and efficient cooling performance. By seamlessly integrating with Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, such as Revit, the tool generates a detailed and interactive 3D model of the cooling tower structure, facilitating collaboration and communication among project teams. Accurate calculations of volumetric flow rate, cooling tower volume, total estimated construction costs, and control room gross floor area further enhance decision-making and design optimization.

By embracing the Cooling Tower Generator, architects, engineers, and construction professionals can unleash their potential to create environmentally-friendly cooling towers for various applications. This tool empowers them to make informed decisions, streamline design processes, and develop cooling tower designs that are efficient, sustainable, and aligned with specific project needs.


Site width

Site length

Structural panel width

Base radius of the cooling tower

Construction cost per square feet

Draft ratio


Number of panels



Flow rate

Estimated construction cost