Phuong Quan Trinh

  • Hello everyone, my name is Quan Trinh, and I am from Vietnam. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in architectural design from Vietnam in 2014 and obtained a Master's degree in integrated design from Singapore in 2018.
  • I worked as an architect and urban designer for Surbana Jurong in Singapore from 2018 to 2022, gaining some hands-on experience in BIM. However, since the parametric design was not extensively used in the design phase for the projects I worked on in Singapore, it is relatively new to me. Therefore, I believe that studying this area is necessary.
  • My primary focus is on the Sustainable Urban System track in the SDC program. As I will be returning to work in July, I hope that this course will equip me with the essential skills and knowledge to apply in my work. I believe that with the help of AI technology and parametric design, architects can generate more ideas and reduce the time required for the design phase, resulting in more design options.
  • As I have limited experience with Rhino, this course will be beneficial to me since it is integrated with the Revit workflow. I feel that parametric design is very promising and could be a tool for future developments. This course will be a continuation of the past Advanced BIM modeling workshop that I enjoyed over the past quarter.
  • In my free time, I enjoy watching documentaries, listening to music, and walking around the Stanford campus. Before attending architecture school, I spent two years learning to sketch but soon realized that I was more inclined towards engineering than the arts. Therefore, working as an architectural designer is a perfect fit for me.

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