CEE 120/220 Series | Fall 2022:
Meet Your Teaching Team
CEE 120/220 Series | Fall 2022:
Meet Your Teaching Team

CEE 120/220 Series | Fall 2022: Meet Your Teaching Team

Glenn Katz

Glenn Katz is an educator at Stanford University, focussing on courses integrating BIM, systems integration, parametric design optimization, and sustainable design principles, as well as leading the design team at Bearington Studios — a residential design firm in San Jose, CA.

Glenn has over 40 years of industry experience working at the intersection of AEC, education, and technology.  He created the Autodesk BIM Curriculum for AEC and publishes extensively through his educational website at www.bimtopia.com and his YouTube channel – BIMtopia – which has over 13,000 subscribers and 2.5 million views.

Glenn graduated from MIT, where he focused on architecture and structural engineering, then completed the M.S. degree program in construction management at Stanford University.

Daniel Diaz Salgado


Email: ddiazs@stanford.edu

Phone: 650-305-9288

Daniel Diaz is a second-year master’s student in the Sustainable Design and Construction program on the management track. His primary interests are Building Information Modeling, building systems integration, innovative planning and control techniques, and sustainable design principles applied to the AEC industry.

Before coming to Stanford, Daniel worked for the Ministry of Public Works in Mexico City. During his time at the ministry, He participated in projects related to transportation infrastructure and heavy construction. As a public servant, He has witnessed the impact of infrastructure on people’s living conditions and the importance of applying new technologies in the built environment. He advocates BIM because it improves decision-making and provides more sustainable options and cost savings on AEC projects.

Daniel graduated as a Civil Engineer at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Also, he has a graduate diploma in Project Management from the Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Donatien Delmon


Phone: +33761594784

Donatien Delmon is also a second-year master’s student in Sustainable Design and Construction. Before coming to Stanford, he was studying engineering in CentraleSupélec in France where he mostly focused on mathematics, coding and physics. During his studies, he did a gap year during which he did two internships. The first one was helping coordinate all the infrastructures for Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic games including some time spent gathering and merging the BIM models of all the different construction projects. The second one was on a heavy civil project on the little island of La Réunion. He was responsible of all the concrete quality monitoring.