Welcome to CEE 176G/276G!

Hope you’re excited for the start of Winter Quarter!

I wanted to share some important information to help you get ready for our first class session on Tuesday, January 9th at 1:30 PM.

Class Sessions

The class will be meeting in room 264 of the Yang & Yamazaki Environment & Energy Building (Y2E2) — in the Science & Engineering Quad — on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 1:30 to 2:50 PM Pacific.   

These class sessions will include a combination of discussions, case study presentations, interactive team exercises, and design studio working sessions. And, as a member of our design studio, you are expected to attend all class sessions in person. So, while much of your project work will be completed outside of class time, you are expected to attend all class sessions in person at the scheduled class times.

Design Projects

The class is organized into three modules -- each of which features a design project that will give you an opportunity to exercise and apply your design thinking skills to a design and propose a solution that promotes sustainable behaviors and practices.

Each design project will each require about 8-9 hours of work per week outside of the class sessions. 

You’ll be working independently on Design Project 1, then in small teams on Design Projects 2 and 3, to share a proposed design that:

  • meets the needs that you or your team identifies
  • illustrates your strategy for approaching the challenges and opportunities you uncover
  • demonstrates your application of the design thinking process
  • makes a measurable impact on improving sustainable behaviors and practices

Login to Canvas and Join our Slack Workspace

We’ll be using Slack as the primary method for quickly messaging each other in this studio.

So, please login to Canvas (https://canvas.stanford.edu), then join our class Slack workspace by clicking the Slack link in the left toolbar in Canvas. This will get you set up to receive all the course messages and announcements in the Slack application or web interface.


Think of Slack as an open channel for sharing your questions, insights, and inspirations with the entire studio. If you have a question that you think any of the other studio members might also have, please post it to one of the open Slack channels.

Looking forward to meeting you and getting started on our sustainable design journey on Tuesday afternoon!