Stephanie Gady - Part 1

Entourage On-Demand

I intend to create a dynamo script which will allow users to quickly place entourage elements across a set boundary or entire topography. This allows professionals to save time placing these elements one by one, and focus on more technical aspects of the project.


Intended users

The intended users of this product will likely be architects, interior designers, and other professionals who use Revit for design purposes.

Need you’re trying to provide a solution or support for

As someone who uses Revit frequently to create visualizations of design schemes, I find that a lot of time is spent adding in the ‘little details’ - trees, people, plants, street lights, etc. into a project to add to the visual appeal towards clients. However, I always feel that my time placing trees and shrubs could be better spent elsewhere, especially when landscaping an entire topography area.


The inputs of my Dynamo script require the user to either select a site surface, or choose model lines which define a specific area (such as a parking lot or a backyard on a larger site). The user can also choose which entourage elements they want placed across the site, and the density of those elements.

Underlying logic of the model you’ll implement

The logic of the model places points randomly across an entire site surface or a specific area on the site, and places entourage elements at each of those points.


The output of this Dynamo script is entourage elements placed across an entire site surface or a specific area on the site. The script also outputs a list of which entourage elements were placed, and their location.