Structural Framing Practice

Feb 20, 2022 12:06 AM
Property 1

My strategy was to create a good grid system that would allow me to easily place columns, beams, and beam systems. For the most part my grid system consisted of straight lines through the building, but I did split one into 2 grid lines so that they would better align with the existing structure. I then made sure that no columns or beams were through any shafts or stairways. But in focusing on these main circulation spaces I overlooked hallways. In the coordination space I realized that some of my columns really disrupted the already narrow halls. Also, I decided to copy and paste my beams and beam systems onto the second level, but for some reason they appeared much lower than the floor/ceiling. I am not too sure what happened there. Finally, I decided to use steel W 12x40 columns and W 12x26 beam/beam systems because of their durability and long lifetime.