How might we... [for M. Mark]?

[Materialistic Mark] needs [a cheaper alternative for his home's power generation] because [he is interested in monetary efficiency]

Ideate to come up with questions that explore different strategies for meeting this need.

The point here is to use divergent thinking to explore the widest range of potential strategies before converging a specific strategy to develop in detail.
  • How might we make our product cost-effective to ensure his purchase?
  • How might we advertise this advantage to both him and the general public?
  • How might we differentiate ourselves from other energy options, and furthermore other solar energy options?*
  • How might we ensure optimal product pricing for people of Mark's mindset?
  • How might we develop our product in a manner to support a lower price than our competitors in both nonrenewable and renewable markets?
  • How might we appeal to people like Mark who are uninterested in sustainability/green-energy?
  • How might we convince Mark of the value of sustainability/green-energy?
  • How might we prove the efficiency of our product over that of others?
  • How might we advertise the effectiveness of our product for his company’s use?