Interview 5: A-

Who Did You Interview?

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Note: I do not have permission to remove the Demographic 1-3 or Finding 1-3

Demographics That Might Provide Helpful Context for Their Responses

Demographic 1 - Middleaged, ~45 F with kids

Demographic 2 - Has, and is interested in, solar energy (Has solar water heater)

Demographic 3 - Writer with a background in Political Science/Activism

Key Findings from the Interview

Finding 1 - Completely in favor of solar energy

Finding 2 - Installation, storage concerns

Finding 3 - They state that not enough government regulation in favor of solar, notes FP&L, a large energy provider in FL, actively stops the development of solar. Also, that news organizations in FL are backed by FP&L, and refuse to put forth negative coverage on the issue.