How might we... [for POV 4]?

[Happy Harold] needs [a product that is affordable] because [he likes to save his money and invest it rather than purchasing goods.]

Ideate to come up with questions that might seed your team's creative thinking about divergent strategies for meeting this need. The point here is to get you thinking about the widest range of potential strategies before converging on a specific strategy and exploring it in detail. Check out these Tips for examples to help you get started.

To address this need:

  • How might we ensure the product has an affordable price?
  • How might we have a low-cost but high-quality product?
  • How might we ensure the product is not made of expensive materials?
  • How might we ensure the product uses energy at the lowest possible amount?
  • How might we utilize electricity effectively to reduce its cost?
  • How might we create different models of the same product that would be affordable for people from different income groups?
  • How might we ensure the maintenance is affordable to the user?
  • How might we provide free assistance to the users?