Our Testing Plan

Testing Priorities

What product features will be most helpful to get feedback on?

  • Microalgae filtering — will customers be willing to let live algae grow in there homes?
  • Low maintenance — what is our customers definition of low maintenance?
  • Silent operation — what noise levels are acceptable to the customers?
  • Weight and flexibility — what weight and shape is most acceptable to the customers for moving the product.
  • Aesthetically pleasing — what form/shape is the most aesthetically pleasing?

Testing Strategy

What is the best way for us to get useful feedback for each of these features? What does a useful feedback look like?

Microalgae filtering
  • First approach: we will show pictures of chlorella vulgaris under different lighting conditions
  • Back-up approach
Low maintenance
  • First approach: we will ask customers to define low maintenance
  • Back-up approach: we shall propose three different maintenance schedules(e.g. weekly, bi-weekly monthly)
Silent operation
  • First approach: we can prepare sound samples of fans operation to present the different sound levels. Finally the customers can select their worst and best options
  • Back-up approach: we make customers hear a sound that's constantly increasing in intensity and ask them the point where the sound becomes "noise"
Weight and flexibility
  • First approach: we can prepare samples of different weights and of different forms(such as one which is able to be attached to the wall or one that is placed on floor) which users will test and say whether it is suitable to them
  • Back-up approach: We can provide them with papers with which they can build their desired product-form. We can adjust the built paper product with a specific weight that users want and then ask for a feedback.
Aesthetically pleasing
  • First approach: Ask customers about where they want to use the product (e.g. home, office, living room, etc.) and then see how it compares to our design
  • Back-up approach: We show them the design layout and ask customers about their thoughts/opinions on it.


  • Lay out the purpose of the design and go with them through each part to gather their views on the breakdown. Determine what they like and what they are concerned about. Ask them for their ideas in ways they would like to see the issues addressed. By using a Feedback Capture Grid to gain a better reflection of the users' experience. Use observers who would analyze the users' experience carefully. Ask users about what they didn't like about the product and why they didn't like that particular feature during each part of the testing procedure.
  • For each four features mentioned above (Microalgae filtering, Low maintenance, Silent operation, Aesthetically pleasing) our team will provide four different prototypes. Each one of the prototypes will have one specific variable on which to focus which will be high-resolution whereas the other feature of the product will be low-resolution or even missing. For example, for the feature of being Aesthetically pleasing we will show the user different products with different designs but none of them will have the mechanical functions of the final product. This we do in order to save time and energy.