Composite Character Profiles

Ambitious Anna

  • Young adult
  • Wants to build a very good career
  • Doesn't have time to go grocery shopping or look after her house
  • Wants services that can help her save time and effort
  • Worried about climate change

Lazy Laura

  • Student
  • Likes to party every day
  • Always in a state of bankruptcy
  • Wants services that can help her reduce her spending

Kind Kevin

  • Family man
  • Concerned with sustainability
  • Believes in a sustainable future
  • Is willing and able to put some effort for promoting sustainability with his daily tasks
  • Prefers to be loyal to one company over long periods of time. Does not like change.

Grammy Grace

  • Old age pensioner
  • Does not have the state of mind to think or care about sustainability
  • Does not use smartphone and does not use applications
  • Isn't able to pay much