Our Prototyping Strategy

Prototyping Goals

Why are we creating prototypes?

The type of feedback that will be most helpful for refining and improving our service or app idea is:

  • What do you currently think of air safety in your own home?
  • Do you use any air filtration systems/services?
  • How has the COVID pandemic impacted your views on air safety?
  • Would you consider an air filtration system like Breath Better?

Prototype Features

What service or app features are we prototyping? And why? What do we hope to learn from testing this feature?

  • Easy to use products and service suite. Understand likely public reaction to product and ease of use.
  • Affordable entry point - gain an understanding of public opinion on business model
  • Inter-operability with all Breathe Better products - product suite feasibility
  • Mobile app with Intuitive UI that gives access to air quality and Breathe Better product data - feedback on usability of mobile app

Prototype Media

How will you prototype and share these features with others to get their feedback?

We plan to create basic digital mockups.