Our Testing Plan

Testing Priorities

What service or app features will be most helpful to get feedback on?

  • Information on different organizations — Help decide how much information
  • Ability to create an account — Decide how to integrate it into the app
  • Integration of social media — Whether this is useful and needs to be included
  • Notification schedule — How to design , whether it needs more slots or is necessary

Testing Strategy

What is the best way for us to get useful feedback for each of these features? What does a useful feedback look like?

Information on different organizations
  • see how person goes through the app
  • Ask on whether amount of information is enough
Ability to create an account
  • See where people go to create an account
  • ask how they could like a feature like that set up
Integration of social media
  • Put a place for such feature into the mockup and observe people's descriptions
  • Ask whether the feature is necessary
Notification schedule
  • Demonstrate the notification schedule and how it would function
  • Use comparison to real life notifications