Our Testing Protocol / Script for the Testing Sessions

Outline your testing protocol--a description of the steps that anyone on your team can follow to gather feedback from testing. It should include the following sections. IMPORTANT - You should not explain all the features of your service or app or lead your users thru a demonstration of its design features. For truly useful feedback, allow your users to interact with your prototypes and discover its features. Try to be an observer, not a tour guide. Answer any questions that come up as users interact with the prototypes, but keep in mind that asking "what do think will happen?" or "how do you think that might work?" will solicit very useful information about what's going on in the user's mind. Don't try to sell or pitch your product to your users. You're not trying to convince them that your product is good. Rather, you're hoping to learn from observing and hearing how they feel about your product. Then, after users have had a chance to explore your prototypes, you can ask about any specific issues that you'd like them to share their feedback on.

What will you share with your users to interact with?

For each feature that you're testing, how will you use your prototypes?

  • Electric Refill Truck
  • App Scheduling Page
  • Other App Interfaces
  • Refill Truck in Action

What will you ask them to do?

What will you ask users to do with your prototypes?

  • Ask them if they would think that the trunk is approachable?
  • Ask them if the service is something that seems straightforward to organize?
  • Ask them if they can see themselves getting thier hygiene from?

What will you observe?

What you will be observing and noting as you watch users interact with your prototypes?

  • Things for us to observe/see their facial expressions on initial impression
  • Things for us to observe/see how easily they use and understand the app
  • Things for us to observe /see how they would want to interact with the truck

What will you ask them to share feedback on after the testing?

What questions will you ask your users after they've had a chance to interact with and explore your prototypes?

  • What are your thoughts on the scheduling aspect?
  • How do you like the way of transportation?
  • What brands would you expect to see?
  • Do you think you would use this service?
  • Do you think the app is intuitive?
  • Is this service accessible and easy for your busy day-to-day lifestyle?
  • If the product brands are not as well-known to you, would you still be interested in this service?
  • How do you think this compares to a grocery delivery service?


bottom bar with home and profile and stuff, icons are not super intuitive - change icon more intuitive

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