Point of View Statements

Point of View Statement 1 [Clean Carrie]

[Who] needs [What] because [Reason / Surprising Insight]

Carrie, an artist, needs a fast and reliable way to purchase sustainable cleaning products because she constantly makes a mess while painting but loves a clean house.

Point of View Statement 2 [Sustainable Samuel]

[Who] needs [What] because [Reason / Surprising Insight]

Samuel, a motivated environmentalist with a time-consuming job, needs a way to buy/replace his hygienic products because he wants to have quality products without taking too much time out of his day while supporting sustainability.

Point of View Statement 3 (High-quality Henry)

[Who] needs [What] because [Reason / Surprising Insight]

Henry, a single dad of one, needs the best quality product that is also sustainable because he is willing to pay for the best and his daughter has influenced him into being more sustainable.