Interview 3

Who Did You Interview?

  • Student mastering in chemical engineering

Demographics That Might Provide Helpful Context for Their Responses

  • Male
  • 23 years old
  • Lives in large city

Key Findings from the Interview

  • What is your stance when it comes to sustainability?
  • He explains that what's happening with the planet angers him and he cannot but do something about it. He trys to maintain a sustainable lifestyle in some aspects of his life such as choosing to walk or use public transport to commute, reduce his plastic waste, and recycle his paper, plastic, and food waste. He says that his lifestyle may not have a significant impact on the planet, but it's better than doing nothing

  • From the services you mentioned, which one do you think is the most impactful on your sustainable lifestyle?
  • He thinks that relying on public transport or walking for commuting instead of on his gasoline fueled car is one of the services that has great impact on his sustainable living. This is because he is decreasing his carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions significantly. In addition, he is also reducing his demand on gasoline, which may somehow impact the supply and decrease this fuel's production.

  • When you use public transport, do you have a monthly/yearly pre-paid subscription or do you prefer paying on the spot for each day?
  • When he first started using public transport, he payed for the whole month in advance. However, he then noticed that he's not using this transportation method as frequently as he thought he would, since other times he would just rely on walking if the destination is close, which made him think that paying monthly is not cost effective. For this reason, he now pays on the spot for each ride separately, although it may be a hassle and time consuming, but it's cost effective in his eyes.