Interview 2

Who Did You Interview?

  • I interviewed my dad.

Demographics That Might Provide Helpful Context for Their Responses

  • Male
  • Older than me (50 years old)
  • Works as a hardware engineer
  • Lives with my mom and me
  • Lives in an urban city

Key Findings from the Interview

  • What apps and services do you use?
  • My dad uses a variety of services, such as Comcast, TMobile, PG&E, andSan Jose Water. He also uses many apps as well, such as Yahoo mail, Google search, Google maps, Photos, and Weather app.

  • How do these apps or services improve the quality of your life?
  • The services that he mentioned all provide necessities in his life. For example, he uses Comcast for internet, TMobile for LTE, San Jose Water for clean, fresh water, and PG&E for gas. His apps allow him to perform multiple functions without having different, physical products to use. These apps and services improve his life because they make it easier for him to access necessities, communicate with others, and get to places.

  • How often do you use these apps or services?
  • My dad uses the services very often. He checks his Yahoo mail all the time and checks the weather every day. He checks google map whenever he drives and google search to access items. He uses services in his daily life as they are necessities.

  • Do you care about sustainability when it comes to choosing services? Why or why not?
  • My dad does care about sustainability when it comes to choosing services. He says that that is the reason why he uses Tesla's solar roof services instead of relying on PG&E (as PG&E is not as sustainable).