Interview 4

Who Did You Interview?

  • I interviewed my college friend.

Demographics That Might Provide Helpful Context for Their Responses

  • Female
  • Older than me (18 years old)
  • Rising freshman at UPenn
  • Lives with her parents and younger sister
  • Lives in a suburban city

Key Findings from the Interview

  • What apps and services do you use?
  • She uses a lot of makeup and clothing apps that have tutorials on how to apply makeup and how to pair clothes together. She also has a bunch of apps for school, such as Zoom, Newsela, Google classroom, and Gmail. She doesn't use that many services.

  • How do these apps or services improve the quality of your life?
  • My friend truly cares about her outward appearance and her beauty apps greatly aid with that. She is able to use her closet app to help pick out outfits from her own closet every day. She also uses the makeup app to determine how to apply various types of makeup products, such as lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow. Having school-related apps helps her stay on top of her schedule and complete her homework assignments effectively.

  • How often do you use these apps or services?
  • She uses her beauty, clothing, and school-related apps virtually every day. The only time she doesn't use her school-related apps is during the summer.

  • Do you care about sustainability when it comes to choosing services? Why or why not?
  • She does care about sustainability, but it's not her top priority when it comes to choosing services or apps. She prefers to find something that suits her needs instead.