Interview 5 R-

Who Did You Interview?

  • Friend

Demographics That Might Provide Helpful Context for Their Responses

  • Younger (16)
  • Male
  • High School Student (Senior)
  • Lives in Suburban Housing

Key Findings from the Interview

  • What services or apps do you use frequently and how do you use them?
    • He uses Pokémon Go to play with his friends, catch Pokémon, and entertain himself. He uses Snapchat to talk to and keep up with his friends' daily lives. He uses TikTok to pass the time when he is bored. He plays Clash Royale to entertain himself.
    • He uses Amazon to order and receive items. He uses Uber to travel.
  • Why do you use them specifically and what do they do well or do poorly?
    • He uses Pokémon Go, TikTok, and Clash Royale specifically because his friends uses them, so he is able to interact with his peers on them. They all have an easy interface. Pokémon Go encourages him to exercise. TikTok has a specific feed for him. Clash Royale has a good competitive system.
    • He uses Amazon because they have a fast service. He uses Uber because it has low wait times.
  • What attracted them to try the service or app?
    • He was attracted to try them because they were all popular.
  • How often do you use the apps or for how long?
    • He uses the apps everyday for about 2 hours total.
    • He uses Amazon and Uber whenever he needs their service.
  • Is there any improvements that you think they need? If so, what are they?
    • He does not think that the apps need any improvements. He thinks that the services need better customer support.
  • Are there any services or apps that you would like to see?
    • He would like to see an app that makes it easier to book flights.