Interview 11 A-

Who Did You Interview?

  • Father

Demographics That Might Provide Helpful Context for Their Responses

  • Middle-aged (~45)
  • Male
  • Engineer
  • Doesn't typically read

Key Findings from the Interview

While they aren't personally interested in a library, they recommended a few architectural/space designs:

  • Nooks
  • Good flow from hallway spaces to nook spaces
  • If Coffeeshop, then near entrance
  • Registration desk at front of building
  • Branching paths, for example if you want to go to the communal area go left, if you want to go to the quiet area go right. (and make these very immediately apparent)
  • Try to have as much natural light as possible, whether from skylight or window-light. If you close at 8pm or so then you only need to have lights on early or late in the day.