Composite Character Profiles

Trendy Ella

  • 25 years old female
  • Compact living, pursuing her first job which includes moving to a larger city and to a smaller apartment, which is the only thing she can afford.
  • Due to covid, she will be working from home and would like a neat, trendy, and cool way to adapt her living space to be more flexible for remote working from home.
  • For her, it is important that the solution goes with her other furnishments, and that she has space enough to invite friends and family to stay over without being too cramped.

The professional remotely Tom

  • Tom is in his early 50, lives in a smaller city, and has during the past year worked flexibly from home and in the office.
  • Tom has often a problem with adjusting himself to different heights and usually ends up with a lot of back pain. He does not like a cramped workstation and often forgets to change his position to make it more enduring.
  • Tom would like some cool way, that does not have to be very advanced, to make his workspace a bit easier.

Busy Monica

  • Monica is 45 years old, lives in a medium size city
  • She has issues separating work from home when she is working remotely as well keeping track of her things.
  • Monica values to be well organized, and enjoys innovative designs.
  • Monica does not always have time to clear out her desk, and has since starting to work from home, actually works more than she did when working in an office. She uses not having to transport herself as an excuse to get on top of her work load, rather than resting.

Light sensitive Alex

  • Alex 20 years old, currently undergrad student at university and lives in an off campus apartment.
  • All of his classes during covid has been done remotely. In his apartment the lighting is very bad, and he has issues concentrating for very long and easily get tired.
  • Alex sometimes looks at Pinterest from some cool and innovative idea to make his living space more comfortable. However, he has not found anything that is feasible or fit his need for a low cost without rebuilding the apartment.