Point of View Statements

Point of View Statement 1

[Busy Brenda] needs [A convenient way to get a bulk of organic and fresh grocery, and connect with her neighbors] because [She has a busy lifestyle and a big family, but wants to feed her kids the healthiest options. She also wants to develop a bond with the other PTA moms and neighbors.]

Point of View Statement 2

[Healthy Hailey] needs [ An affordable shop for fresh goods] because [She is young and not fully financially stable, but wants to promote healthy eating in her life as well as her YouTube subscribers.]

Point of View Statement 3

[Social Simon and Sarah] need [A way to grow their social circle in the neighborhood while making their lifestyle healthier] because [They love meeting new people and developing close relations with other families. They also notice they need to adjust their diets and improve their health.]

Point of View Statement 4

[Volunteer Vincent] needs [A way to pitch in for the community and volunteer with minimal physical stress] because [He is physically weak due to age, but wants to spread wisdom and kindness in his community]