Our Testing Plan

Testing Priorities

What product features will be most helpful to get feedback on?

  • Functionality
    • Energy-Efficiency
    • Two methods of recharging (Solar, Motion), plus additional power set of charging case
    • Multiple forms of charging ports (USB-A, USB-C, etc)
  • Aesthetics/Design
    • Feedback regarding on how they review the design, if they like the gamification element.
  • Convenience (Ability to Remember to charge it and bring it places, switching modes of charging everyday objects)
  • Usability (how easy it is to use and understand)
    • Easily understood or requires user manual

Testing Strategy

What is the best way for us to get useful feedback for each of these features? What does a useful feedback look like?


Good feedback will generally come in the form of long-form response, or answers to questions that we pose, and that lead to further discussion. We generally would like to avoid one-word answers and potential improvements to the product would also be recommended. Focus on incorporating the empathizing phase, and allow the testers to tell stories.