Interview 8

Who Did You Interview?

  • Friend

Demographics That Might Provide Helpful Context for Their Responses

  • Gen Z
  • Undergraduate student
  • Higher Socioeconomic status

Key Findings from the Interview

  • What comes to mind when you hear the term "water" in daily life?
    • Drinking, I always like to drink water. It is necessary for me to keep being hydrated. If I do not have enough water I will lose focus.
  • Tell me about how do you use water in everyday life?
    • I use for cleaning cloth, showering, drinking, making juice.
  • How do you think people use water these days?
    • Sometimes some people like to waste water and do not appreciate it. it is very simple and cheap yet important. In Singapore you can drink tap water free, but in Indonesia there is no such thing.
  • How much do you value water as resource from 1 - 5?
    • I think it is 4 or 5
  • How easy do you obtain water in your living environment?
    • I live in Singapore, in the campus area, it is so easy.