Our Testing Plan

Testing Priorities

What product features will be most helpful to get feedback on?

  • If our prototype net will be compatible with all different courts and if it will be deemed acceptable as a professional game net.
    • This will allow us to understand what parts of our net are "illegal" to use on a professional court, and how we could improve the design so that the net does not affect a player's performance nor distract them.
  • How one would improve the app tracking of our prototype, and if they believe that the data is accurate.
    • This will allow us to depict if our motion censors are placed in the correct locations on the net, and how it can read shots more accurately.
  • How our product affected a player's performance.
    • This will allow us to understand what parts of our net benefitted our tester, as well as diminished their ability to play. We would be able to find ways around what might be in the way of the player.
  • How easy was the installation and suggestions they would give to make our product more user-friendly.
    • This will allow us to get a feel if people would be discouraged by the complexity of our product, or if instructions are unclear. This will help us find ways to make the installation of the product as simple as possible, meanwhile maintaining the same strength of a regular net, if not stronger.


  • Price point—how much are people willing to pay for this product.
    • Average user thought a reasonable price would be 80-100 dollars. However, we personally thought the product would be only 40-50 dollars in cost.
  • How user-friendly the app would be, compared to other market apps like HomeCourt
    • Will allow us to design a simple yet aesthetically pleasing app, and one that is easy to use, if not similar to the HomeCourt app
  • How the product would be connected and powered.
    • Like how bluetooth works with wireless headphones connected to mobile phones, our SmartNet would work the same way, with a rechargeable solar battery pack installed in the back of the rim, connected to the net

Testing Strategy

What is the best way for us to get useful feedback for each of these features? What does a useful feedback look like?

Ask a basketball team coach: How he would use our net for team practice and games?
  • First approach
  • Back-up approach
Ask a sports manager: How many prototypes an association could purchase and how efficient installing would be?
  • First approach
  • Back-up approach
Ask a basketball player: Where they would use the net, and how they feel their performance was affected?
  • First approach
  • Back-up approach
Ask a basketball referee: Does it seem efficiently enough to replace a referee or become his "third eye", and how it would affect their job during a game?
  • First approach
  • Back-up approach
Ask a family: how would this product impact their recreational home life?
Ask a consumer: how much they would be comfortable paying for our product