Creating an Elevator Pitch - Tips

An Elevator Pitch is a concise presentation of your product idea to motivate a reviewer or potential investor in a very short period of time -- for example, on an elevator ride.

Here's an abbreviated version of a specific format, recommend by Guy Kawasaki -- tech entrepreneur and famed Apple evangelist.

And here's a very effective example of presenting a product idea in 45 seconds.

Do you ever get tired of all the inconvenient, low-quality shampoos and conditioners that leave your hair feeling dry and uncomfortable? All the unknown, unpronounceable ingredients and endless waste contained in each bottle? Well, you no longer have to tolerate wasteful hair products! Say hello to Mother Nature; the new, fun product for washing your hair with dissolving tablets!

Everyday, people encounter plastic waste and polluted water. Major contributors to this crisis are the hair products we use everyday. Low-quality, cheap shampoos usually have bad ingredients that further poison our waters and hurt our environment.

In an industry dependent on single-use plastic, our novel product provides sustainable shampoo and conditioner to our customers in convenient tablets without the guilt of plastic waste. Our tablets need little water to transform into liquid. Our starter kit includes a metal tin to keep your tablets safe from the elements, two boxes of shampoo and conditioner, and two reusable bottles made from recycled plastic. Buying refills for your metal container is made easy with our monthly subscription.

You can use the tablets as single-use by simply taking one into the shower and adding water, or you could add the entire pack to the provided reusable bottle and add the needed amount of water, so you can control the amount you use each time.

Also, every part of our product is usable! The lids of the shampoo and conditioner boxes have ingrained flower seeds that you can rip off, bury, and sprout flowers to brighten your day!

Countless, customizable scents are available to order. No more having to deal with unwanted smells in your hair products. Unlike other shampoo and conditioner brands, our shampoo and conditioner removes the plastic waste and nasty ingredients without sacrificing any of the quality! Get Mother Nature products at affordable prices. With our product, you don't have to pay more to save the environment.

Support the Earth and our oceans by buying Mother Nature Shampoo and Conditioner today!