Composite Character Profiles


  • 43 years old living in California
  • Mother of two who recently left for college
  • Wants to live youthfully and regain her freedom
  • Has been adapting to a healthy lifestyle (becoming a vegetarian, taking yoga classes... )
  • Voted for Biden to support his environmental agenda
  • Currently experimenting with sustainable products in her private life
  • Struggling to replace her old house's energy system with a renewable one


  • 52 years old living in Singapore
  • Above average weight but still wants to "appear" sportive
  • Successful manager in a large tech company (top 500 S&P)
  • Going through mid-life crisis
  • Wants to be part of the sustainability trend so he doesn't fall behind
  • Likes to purchase trendy products that stand out of the crowd


  • 71 years old living in Germany
  • Lives in a rural area
  • Does her best to be the cool grandma by keeping up with recent trends
  • Cares deeply about sustaining the environment for her grandchildren
  • Willing to invest in carbon capture technologies to mitigate climate change
  • Uses her E-Bike to cover the distance to reach the city to visit her close family, buy from her favorite antique store...


  • 26 years old living in Sweden
  • Comes from an average income family
  • Environmentalist inspired by Greta Thunberg
  • Working in a renewable energy startup
  • Uses a shared E-Bike for commuting to stimulate a sharing economy
  • Enjoys long-distance rides on the weekends (exceeding the usual battery volume)


  • 15 year old living in Tokyo
  • Likes to dream big and turn the world into a better place
  • Has already planned through his studies including a bachelor's in environmental engineering
  • Likes to convince his parents to finally become a sustainable household
  • Has a lack of cash but adores products that do good


  • 64 years old living in the United Kingdom
  • Engineer by heart and very much detailed-driven
  • Worked for Jaguar his entire life
  • Fascinated by all types of cars, likes to rent and collect various models
  • Interested in the shift towards electric vehicles (partly because of new corporate strategy)
  • Likes to play with the thought of owning a hybrid car and thinks about a sustainable way to charge it at home